Student Services


The orientation program, held the first day of class, is designed to facilitate transition to the International Hair & Barber Academy and to familiarize new students with the organization and operation of the Academy. During the orientation, students are versed on the mission and the tradition of the school, rules and regulations, study techniques and academic standards required and will receive their kits, if applicable. Before the first day of class, the student would have physically visited the school facility, reviewed and have explained their student rights, disclosure statements and have signed an enrollment contract for the course of study with the institution.

Career Services

It is the policy of the International Hair and Barber Academy to assist students in finding a position upon graduation. Prior to, and after graduation, the placement office will advise the student and assist the students in finding employment in their chosen career field. Students are required to provide the placement office with a current resume and to maintain satisfactory attendance to retain their placement privileges. Although International Hair and Barber Academy provides employment placement assistance it cannot promise or guarantee employment. All students must complete an exit interview before the graduation date.

Academic advising

The school provides students with academic advising. Students may meet with the director of education, financial aid officers, or the Campus Director to discuss his or her educational options. In addition, the school maintains contact with various community organizations and agencies to help with a student’s personal needs.


International Hair and Barber Academy does not offer on-site housing for its students. There are many hotels, motels and apartments conveniently located near the school.


Parking and traffic regulations must be maintained for the protection of all. Students must park in authorized spaces. Students must not park in handicapped spaces unless possessing the appropriate handicap licensure, on sidewalks or in no parking areas. Violators are subject to being towed without prior warning or formal notification.

Field trips

Students may be eligible to participate in a school field trip by their instructors at appropriate times during the classroom training. These trips are designed to supplement this curriculum and to introduce the students to situations which cannot be reproduced in the classroom. Students will be notified in advance of any scheduled trip. Field trip forms must be signed prior to any trip. In order to be eligible, students must be in good academic and financial standing.

Guest Lecture

International Hair and Barber Academy believes that speakers from the business and professional world, which graduates will be entering, can enhance student’s education. Approved guest lecturers are invited throughout each program to speak to students on a variety of relevant subjects.


Students who satisfactorily complete their academic requirements for the program in which they are enrolled and complete all required institutional and departmental exit paperwork are eligible to graduate.

Other Resource

Additional resource materials including professional resources, and drug prevention program resources are available for students use. These materials are located at the Directors office in a red binder and also on the bulletin board located outside the Directors office.

Credit for previous training

Credit may be granted for training in another school whether in state or out of state. Documented proof verifying work or school experience must be submitted prior to enrollment. After evaluating the official transcripts of the other institution attended, an evaluation exam may be conducted by the Campus Director and may include both written and practical examinations. Based upon the recommendation of the Campus Director and Director of Education, International Hair Barber Academy may accept a transfer student’s hours from another licensed institution. The student’s institution account will be adjusted accordingly to reflect the reduced hours of training. Transfer of credit ;International Hair and Barber Academy cannot guarantee the transferability of credits earned at our school.

Handicap facilities

International Hair in Barber Academy complies with all provisions of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 in that no qualified handicapped person will be excluded from enrolling in the school. However, handicapped individuals should be aware that the regulations set by the state of Florida require a high level of manual dexterity and prolonged periods of practical work in the clinic.

Equal opportunity policy

International Hair and Barber Academy, in its hiring, admissions, instruction and graduation policies, practices no discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, financial status, sex, ethnic origin, age, veteran status, physical challenges or sexual orientation.

Voter Registration

Voter registration for students who are United States citizens and are of voting age, can find information specific to their state of residence by clicking the link below


Vaccination policy

International Hair and Barber Academy does not require vaccinations for admission to our school. While many vaccines are routinely recommended for most people each person has a unique medical profile, overall health, use of medication, family and personal disease history, that can affect decisions about vaccinations. Work with your health care professionals to choose the best health strategy for you, including choices about vaccination.


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